Public Art

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Gaia's Daughter (Bronze edition) Bronze 2 1/2 feet long Eros Marble 4 feet tall Eldorado Animal Clinic Texas Leuters Limestone 14 feet long West Basin Preserve Entry Monument Hilsboro Limestone 9 feet tall New Moon Overlook Entry Sculpture: "Moon in Hand" Limestone 10' Tall New Moon Overlook Island Sculpture: "Twin Moons" Hilsboro Limestone 10' Tall Southern Crescent Hilsboro Limestone 10' Tall Trenza: Plaza Sculpture Hilsboro Limestone Eleven feet long Infinite Possibilities Limestone 3 feet tall Swimmers Marble 8 feet long Grabiel Residence: street marker Limestone 4' tall Golden Spiral Marble 6 feet tall Two Hands Bronze; Granite 13 feet tall Aphrodisias (detail) White Turkish marble and Turkish travertine marble 9'x10''x3' Diving Woman II Marble 8 feet tall The Management of Savagery Marble 5' Tall Metamorphos Marble 7 feet tall Welcome Marble and Water 9 feet long