Infinite Possibilities (detail) Limestone 3 feet tall Temptation (detail) Limestone 2-1/2 feet tall Eros maquette detail Bronze 6 inches tall Bird Hands Bronze 1-1/2 feet long Do Not Wait (detail) alabaster/soapstone two feet long Swimmers: detail Marble 8' long Golden Spiral (detail) 6' tall Two Hands (detail) Bronze 13 feet tall Golden Spiral (detail 2) Marble 8 feet long Aphrodisias, 2012 Do Not Wait For A Better World detail 2 Italian alabaster and Virginia soapstone 2' wide Seven Fingers limestone; fingernail polish 4' Tall Diving Woman II (detail) Marble 8 feet tall Diving Woman II (working drawing) Grief (detail) Marble 4' tall The Management of Savagery (detail) Marble 5' tall Grief, bronze (detail) Bronze 3-1/2 feet tall Do Not Wait (detail 3) Photo: Chris Schiller Alabaster and Soapstone 2' wide Metamorphos (detail 1) Marble 7 feet tall Metamorphos (detail 2) Marble 7 feet tall Welcome (detail) Marble and Water 9 feet long Dionysus I (detail) limestone 12x12 Dionysus II (detail) limestone 24x12 Dionysus III (detail) limestone 12x12 Magnolia/Hand I (detail) limestone 8x8 Magnolia/Hand II (detail) limestone 8x8 Hand/Lintel (detail) limestone 12x12 Welcome (detail 2) Marble 9 feet long Newborn II (detail) Finger and Column (detail) Greece 2015 (detail 1) Greece 2015 (detail 2) Chimp Hand Gaia's Daughter (detail 1) Gaia's Daughter (detail 2) Gaia's Daughter Bronze (detail) 1234 (detail 1) 1234 (detail 2) Eros (detail) Diving Man (detail) Jealousy (detail) To Hold You This Way (detail) Cupped Hands (detail) Cathedral (detail) Sherry (detail) Seven Fingers (detail) Eldorado Animal Clinic (detail 1) Eldorado Animal Clinic (detail 2) A Time in Space (detail) A Time in Space (detail 2) Limestone 2 feet tall Ever Feel Like That? (detail) Rapture II (detail) Together Again (detail) Take Me Back (detail) Lucia Detail Eros Working Drawing Sublimation (detail) Marble 4 feet long