2011 Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop


Background and Testamonials



This was the second annual sculpture workshop held at my studio in Galisteo. What I saw and experienced was a continuation of growth for both the attending artists and myself. I'm looking forward to next year and this becoming an annual event.


From David Sadler, Hobbs, NM, President Southwest Stone Carving Association:

 "I've been to some really nice workshops all around the United States and I can say that Edward Fleming has the most concentrated and educational workshop yet, his secret is keeping it small so he can give a lot of personal care to each artist. I have gotten a lot better at what I do because of his help. I’m convinced it will only get better. Thanks Edward for spreading the love!!!!"

From Dr. Joseph Sacamano, Mosier, OR:

"Your workshop is uniquely excellent because of the depth of your knowledge and your ability to track the progress and problems of the participants as you endlessly circuit the work stations. Granted, there are sometimes more than one right answer to a question, but the high quality of your personal work and the thought you have given to your inspiration and technique gives participants a strong base from which to build. And your hospitality and good humor are pretty amazing."

From Dr. Ron Klinger, Austin, TX:

"Unlikely as it may seem, I participated in the 2011 stonecarving workshop at the suggestion of a one of Ted Fleming's former, and current students, a French Canadian who settled in Santa Fe, and claims that his name is Jacques. Jacques? Really? Anyway, the workshop is held each May, in the village of Gallisteo in which some 150 restless souls sleep and work. Like most places in northern New Mexico, it turns out that you can't throw a stick in Galisteo without hitting some type of artist, or film maker, or recovering architect. And aside from the fact that the weather in May in Galisteo can feel a lot like December in Austin, Texas, I found Galisteo and the territory within it sits to be much to my liking.

Ted keeps the number of participants to a small crew of about seven "artists". So, the instructor-student ratio is small. Ted is both competent and attentive. Although he is not the type of instructor to hover, he was readily available when I became "stuck", and from time to time he was mildly intrusive with corrective instruction that more often than not, steered me away from drowning in the swamp (figuritively speaking, of course. There ain't no swamp in Galisteo!). Ted is a very friendly guy, who brings considerable experience and knowledge to the program.

About the other participants. It is sort of a strange deal to work hip and shoulder with half a dozen strangers, including a French Canadian named Jacques, who labored furiously at fashioning a giant New Mexico chili pepper out of limestone! But I found the diversity in life experiences and interests of the other participants to be a source of energy and humor. I guess the best way that I can frame a description of my workshop experience was that it was really enjoyable. It is not my intent to discount how much I profitted from the seven days of instruction and continuously work on my project. My skills level bumped up more than a notch or two. But what I brought home was a sense of great pleasure associated with the experience. And that sort of says it all.

I intend to return in 2012. That is, if the patron saint of stone cutters smiles in my direction."

From Dr. Steve Dunlap, Santa Fe, NM:

"You gave me extraordinarily thoughtful suggestions/hints?/propositions?/provocations?. A shared search, and a light hand on the tiller."

From Ethan Taliesin, Santa Fe, NM:

"Ted Fleming's workshop opened me up to a whole new world of stone carving--something that I always wanted to try, but never knew where to start. His love of the beauty of the stone is undeniable, and his enthusiasm is infectious. He is able to teach stone carving (which for me was a little intimidating) in a way that makes it accessible to anyone, regardless of their skill level.

Much of Ted's extensive knowledge of stone carving was garnered from Italian master marble sculptors in Pietrasanta. Many of these techniques are ancient and were passed down through ateliers throughout countless generations. Ted passes that knowledge on to his students at the workshop and spices them with anecdotes and short maxims in Italian.

Students are provided with excellent advice and instruction on everything--from learning how to be able to envision your sculpture before you start, to how to approach the stone, to what tools are best used for different phases of your piece, to advice on human proportion and anatomy.

Maestro Fleming's instruction is also personal to each student, and each of us created the piece that interested us. Ted helps you realize your own vision and talks with you about how best to take the image you have in your mind, set your tools against the slab, and make that image emerge as a physical reality in stone.

The workshop was also a lot of fun socially. My fellow students (some of whom had taken the workshop before) were all fun, interesting people. In the evenings we would rejoin as a group and eat, drink, and be merry. Suffice it to say, I will definitely be attending next year.

Ted's instruction has not only given me the confidence to work in this beautiful and challenging medium, but has undoubtedly made me a better artist.

And to top it off, Ted is one hell of a nice guy. "

General Invitation Letter, December 2010:


Please forgive the group letter. I would like to announce the second annual Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop which will be held at my studio in Galisteo, New Mexico from Saturday, May 14 through Friday, May 20, 2011.

At this workshop I will provide highly focused, individual instruction with an emphasis on realistic human figurative sculpture, generous workspace, limestone carving blocks; carving tables, air and electricity for the students' tools. I will also be covering human anatomy, visualization techniques, direct stone carving using traditional and contemporary tools as well as material selection and stone characteristics. In order to keep the instructor/student-ratio small, the workshop will be limited to seven students. And with this small ratio, I will be able to work with beginning to advanced students.

The fee for the seven-day workshop is $850.00. This price does not include food, lodging, transportation or tools. We are organizing catering to the studio and there are also possibilities for lodging here in Galisteo for that week. As of this writing, three spaces are filled, so if you are interested, please let me know sooner than later and I will send you more detailed information. And if you know someone else who may be interested in attending the workshop, I'd be gratefule if you'd forward this letter or let me know how to contact them.

Last May we had our first workshop and it was a great success. If you would like to learn more about this, please visit my website: www.EdwardFleming.net and go to "Galleries/Teaching/2010 Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop" where you'll find images, testamonials and more information. You can also see my work on the same site and I would be glad to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,


General Schedule:

General Schedule
Saturday, May 14 through Friday, May 20, 2011

> 8-9am: set up and preparation for the day (as needed) and breakfast (catered)
> 9 -12noon: teaching; carving
> noon-1pm: break for lunch at the studio (catered)
> 1-5pm: teaching; carving
> 5-6pm: continue carving if desired; cleanup
> evening: gathering as we like for libation; food and conversation

Registration Form:

2011 Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop Registration:
(Please return by US Mail or PDF attachment to email)

email address:___________________________________
US Mail address:_________________________________
Telephone: (____) ______________
Cellphone: (____) ______________
Emergency contact:________________________________
(name and tel.) ________________________________

I will be attending the 2011 Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop from Saturday, May 14 through Friday, May 20, 2011 and have read and understand the following:
> Workshop fee: $850.00
> Deposit: $425.00 due no later than March 14, 2011.
> NOTE: Deposit is required to reserve a place in the workshop group of seven artists. Before sending deposit, send email to confirm space available.
> Balance fee: $425.00 due no later than April 14, 2011.
> Artist cancellation deadline with full refund: March 14, 2011.
> Workshop cancellation deadline with full refund: April 21, 2011.
(not enough registered artists)
> Workshop fee does not include tools, travel, lodging or meals.
I have received the release of liability form which I will sign and send to the Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop before the workshop begins. I understand that this is a requisite for participating in the workshop.
> Please make checks payable to Edward Fleming.



(printed or typed name)
Received by:

Edward Fleming, Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop

Release of Liability Form:


I, and my heirs, in consideration of my participation in the Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop, from May 14 through May 20, 2011, at Edward Fleming’s studio in Galisteo, NM, hereby release The Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop, its organizers, instructors, volunteers, officers, employees and agents, and any other people connected with this event, including studio landlord, John Massee, from any and all liability for damage to or loss of personal property, sickness or injury from whatever source, legal entanglements, imprisonment, death, or any other negative consequence, which might occur as a result of participating in this event. I am aware of the risks of participation in The Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop. I hereby state that I am in sufficient physical condition to accept the level of physical activity necessary to participate in this workshop. I understand that participation in this workshop is strictly voluntary and state that I freely chose to participate. I am aware that I will be working in the presence of dangerous high speed rotating saws and grinders, other power tools and heavy stone blocks, and it will be my responsibility to take appropriate precautions to protect myself and others at the workshop. I understand that The Galisteo Stone Sculpture Workshop does not provide medical coverage for me. I verify that I will be responsible for any medical costs I incur as a result of my participation.


(Participant Name, printed)


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Catering Menu:

Workshop Catering:

On Thu, January 20, 2011 2:24 pm, corey mcgillicuddy wrote:
> Hi Workshop People ,
> Menu offerings will reflect the season and regional flavors .
> I will use local organic products .
> Food allergies and sensitivities will be taken into consideration.
> Breakfasts will include items such as homemade granola , fresh fruit and
> yogurt.
> Breakfast Burritos
> Frittata
> Smoked fish hash
> Eggs with Buttermilk biscuits
> Lunches will include local . organic salad greens
> Local favorite such as enchiladas
> Fresh mozzarella , basil and tomato sandwiches
> Grilled chicken
> Lasagna
> cookies and brownies
> and more !!!!!!
> I look forward to seeing you all again .
> Best
> Corey Mcgillicuddy

And on 2/1/11, Corey gave me this additional information:

Additional Offerings may include:
> Moroccan lamb couscous made with local organic lamb
> BBQ beef brisket
> Pulled pork
> Soups, stews and curries
> Vegetiarian options available
> Fresh, homemade desserts and baked goods
> Coffee, tea, water

The prices for catering are as follow:

> $25/day for breakfast and lunch
> $15/day for lunch only
> Deposit required for purchasing food